Lyn and Barney are hoping to take Jago home in the New Year and we estimate that Jago may need £200,000 of care in his first year. Our target for the launch evening is to raise £50,000, if everyone attending (150 people) spends £330 each, we will make this number. These funds will be crucial in providing Jago with life-changing treatments:

  • 24/7 Nursing Care – Once he’s home, Jago will need a full-time nurse, crucial to ensuring he gets the care and medication he needs on a daily basis. This will cost over £2,000 a week or £105,000 a year. A full-time nurse would not be funded by the NHS.
  • Hydrotherapy – this is Jago’s favourite treatment and has already improved his mobility. The treatment has already helped him to bend his arms and legs, crucial if he is ever to walk again. Lyn and Barney have a pool at home, but to ensure it’s suitable for Jago, a new heating system and disabled entrance will need to be installed. We estimate this could cost around £20,000.
  • Physio and Occupational therapy – when Jago first had his accident he could not move his head or body at all. Today, Jago can hold his head up and stand briefly with support. If this is how far Jago has come in seven months, just think where he could be in another year? Currently Jago has one physio and OT sessions a day, once he’s home, he’ll only get NHS funding for one physio session every two weeks…a huge decrease in treatment. For Lyn and Barney to continue with his current level of care, they’ll need to raise £46,800 for the year.
  • Building a multi-sensory room – Jago has already responded really well to the multi-sensory room at Tadworth and this therapy has definitely stimulated his senses. Last week, when a drum was vibrated on Jago’s chest, he smiled…something that five months ago we didn’t know if he’d ever do again. To build a room at multi-sensory room costs around £5,000.
  • Specialist treatment in the USA – The family are currently in contact with rehab unit at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. As one of the leading Neurology centres in the world, they may be able to offer Jago treatments that aren’t funded in the UK. A key area would be trying to understand and cure Jago’s seizures and spasms, both of which he suffers from regularly and both cause him pain and damage his road to recovery. Three months as an outpatient will cost £20,000.

Should we exceed the target amount (of if we do not raise enough funds, or if they cannot be used for any other reason) the funds raised will go to the general funds of Tree of Hope to assist other sick children.